Class Descriptions


This fun, water based aerobic workout will get you feeling energized in mind and body. By using the natural resistance of the water as you move through the various moves, you will feel your muscles, core strength and overall fitness increase.  You will always leave this class with a smaile on your dial.  Classes are currently held at Belgrave Outdoor Heated Pool until Monbulk is restored.  

Duration: 45 mins Equipment: Bodyweight, Aqua Dumbells, Noodles


Yes you guessed it - Pilates in the water! A fantastic class to help you build core strength and work on your bodies ability to utilise and engage the core which lends itself to every day tasks and general health and wellbeing. If you love Pilates, you will love Aqua Pilates. Classes are currently held at Belgrave Outdoor Heated Pool until Monbulk is restored.  

Duration: 45 mins Equipment: Bodyweight, Aqua Dumbells, Noodles


This 30min class is perfect for anyone who loves a challenge - get on the bike and ride, ride, ride. These bikes are as close to a road bike as you can get - so are perfect for our cyclists.  Fantastic also for anyone that enjoys cycling and wants an awesome cardio workout.  A great addition to anyone's fitness routine  Guidance and encouragement the whole way.  You only have one person to beat - YOURSELF!

  Duration: 30 mins Equipment: Bike, cycling shoes optional (bikes have cleat pedal option)


This 55min class is the perfect blend of High Intensity Interval Training and Cycle - get on the bike and get the heart rate soaring then back it up with some functional body moves to burn those muscles.  The whole class will be taken in the gym so every class will be totally different. Perfect for weight loss and stamina/endurance building. Suitable for all fitness levels. First class Monday 31st March at 9.30am  

  Duration: 55 mins Equipment: Bike, cycling shoes optional (bikes have cleat pedal option), Body Weight, Gym equipment


Get ready to SWEAT during this calorie torching, music-pumping, high energy cardio class designed to burn fat and leave you feeling energized! This cardio conditioning class could include HIIT, step, boxing and other cross training techniques. Suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced participants.

Duration: 55 mins Equipment: Bodyweight


If you get bored easily, you'll LOVE this style of exercise as no two circuits are ever the same! Cycle through several exercises, targeting different muscle groups with minimal rest in-between for maximum results. MAC Circuit focuses on building muscular strength and improving cardio fitness and agility and is a great way to learn NEW exercises. Suitable for ALL fitness levels.

Duration: 55 mins Equipment: Dumbbells, weight plates, medicine ball.


Combines traditional strength exercises and challenging functional training moves, utilising a barbell, dumbbells and your body weight to make you fitter and stronger! High rep training and athletic movements are the key components of this results driven workout. POWER UP!

Duration: 55 mins Equipment: Barbell, dumbbells, slam balls, power bags.


This class focuses on core strengthening movements- improving posture, flexibility and strength through the connection of mind and body with breath.  It teaches body awareness and graceful movement. Suitable for newcomers. 

Duration: 55mins Equipment: Bodyweight, roller, yoga balls. 


Land based gentle exercise designed to increase functional mobility, improve muscle and bone strength and enhance balance and flexibility. Recommended for older adults. Medical Clearance required to participate.  

Duration: 55mins Equipment: Body weight, resistance bands, light weights.   


Combines flowing breath connected Yoga and Somatic Movement supporting principles, exploring healthy ranges of motion to encourage deep body and mind awareness, strength and positive re-patterning. The intricate body explored to create understanding and harmony within. 

Duration: 55 mins Equipment: Mat, bodyweight  


This gentle enquiry focused practice will improve your understanding and awareness of your body, what refinements may be possible, and allow you to improve your balance, core stability and mobility. We bring curiosity and compassion to every class and reflect on our practice as a window into our daily lives. 

Duration: 55 mins Equipment: Mat, bodyweight. 


Can be enjoyed and practised by anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of yoga and may (or may not) have mobility limitations. Great for anyone who needs more support, is managing an injury, or wants a more therapeutic approach to the practice. 

Duration: 55mins Equipment: Chair 


Gives you a calorie burning, cardiovascular workout in the atmosphere of a dance party! Latin dance
moves are the basis for this fusion dance style, but movements from belly dance, hip-hop,
salsa and reggaeton also feature. 

Duration: 55 mins   


Aquatic Classes

Using the resistance of water automatically increases the intensity of any movement you make, helping to increase strength, flexibility and your overall health.

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